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Ruki/Reita - BrainWaves [fanfiction]

Title:  BrainWaves   
Author: inadreambox
bands: Gazette
Pairing: Ruki/Reita
genre: romance
warnings: sex scene? but not too graphic.
rating: R
Word Count: 2080
Disclaimer: me no own the Gazette, just the way the words are strung together.  And maybe not even that.  Who knows?

Summary: after a bad day and a bad concert Ruki and Reita work it out... fluffy lovey-dovey not quite smutty short sweetness.

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lips, whisper


Have I mentioned that I now live in . . . JAPAN???  haha.  You can of course read about my freak-outs, adventures, and complete and utter boredom at my other lj:

Japan and Home

I just wanted to say that I got that job in Japan and will be moving there just in time for Christmas/New Year. I will of course continue to blog, mostly at my other blog ( if you care or wanna' read more, friend that blog. I use it a lot more often!!!

I've been considering attempting to consolidate the two blogs. I only use this one for reading fanfiction, and sometimes it's really nice to have that seperate from my 'real' blog. But sometimes it's a pain to log in and out.

I'm typing this on my computer, but the internet was running sooooo slow I connected to the mobile site instead so things would pop up faster. lol. It works better this way. :)

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Also, I've fallen in love with dreads.  I'm thinking it would be super fun to get some dreadfalls.  But I really don't want to spend that much money. 

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Listening to Alice Nine and conjugating verbs in japanese. 

For some reason today feels refreshed. 

Somedays doing nothing feels awful, but somedays it's the nicest thing.


Ever since I saw MUCC live I've kind of been obsessed.  And everytime I think I'm finally getting over and am going to have to find a new 'thing' the shuffle on my music program shows me another song and I'm reminded how awesome/incredible/amazing they are. 

I'm going to be in Japan during their tour this November/December.  The only variable is whether I'll be there as an ex-pat or a 'tourist.'  Must save money.  Foreign groupies must have money.